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Nottingham Council – Public Health Consultant

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This role is a remote working role.

Role Dimensions

1. The Consultant in Public Health is a registered public health specialist (i.e. included in the GMC Specialist Register/GDC Specialist
List or UK Public Health Register (UKPHR)).
2. Takes lead responsibility for a range of complex public health issues and works across organisational and professional
boundaries to act as a change agent and deliver improvements in health and wellbeing. This will include aspects to do with health
economics, workforce, finance and organizational culture.
3. Working with the DPH, will provide briefings at senior level on the health and wellbeing needs of local communities to Councillors,
senior Council Officers, CCGs, the 3rd sector, the public and partners. Where required to so, the post-holder will provide verbal
briefing to Councillors, other colleagues and stakeholders in person which maybe at short notice.
4. The post holder will be dually accountable:
professionally to the employing authority Nottinghamshire County Council
managerially to the Director of Public Health (and to deputise when required, including providing assessments of the
adequacy of the arrangements across the whole system for the protection and improvement of health)
5. Managerially responsible for a team of staff in the Public Health division.
6. Direct budget responsibility for part(s) of the Public Health grant (up to £10m)

Reference: 1461665511